How To Draw A Snake Head Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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How To Draw A Snake Head Step by Step

Step 1

Here’s a sketch of what two different-sized heads could appear like. The head at the top is from a huge snake while the lower one is the head of a smaller snake.

Step 2
If you examine this drawing that depicts a serpent’s head you’ll notice that snakes eyes are directed towards their nostrils.

Step 3
This is a very rough sketch of the various perspectives and styles of the snake’s head. As you can observe, the snake may be drawn with a variety of expressions, and you can determine what type of head you would like to sketch.

Step 4
This is a tutorial that consists of four different head designs drawn in a three-step tutorial. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that it’ll make it easier in drawing your very own head.

Step 5
Draw the form on the serpent’s head after which draw a guideline across the middle part of its head.

Step 6
Draw the outline that the head of the snake has as well as the upper portion that is the snake’s snout. Note the notch on the upper part of the head.

Step 7
You will now draw the back of your head, then the lower portion of the jaw stretched.

Step 8
Draw the eye using the expression that you can observe here, and put on the nostrils. Once you’ve done that sketch out some details and definitions at the center of the head.

Step 9
Draw an outline of the outside of the mouth, as shown here. Then draw the eyeball out and create an incision for the pupil. Draw a curly line on the rear of the mouth, to accommodate the tongue.

Step 10
Draw the fangs and the tongue that is slithering, and the soft tongue tissue. Then, add additional inside of the mouth.

Step 11
The final thing to draw is the neck. Then, apply some proportions and strokes to your upper body. Remove the lines and shapes that you sketched in the first step.

Step 12
Here’s what your sketch will appear like after you’re finished. You can color it in and you’re done.

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