How to draw A small Dog Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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How to draw A small Dog Step by Step

Step 1

To outline the shape and size of the dog’s head, draw an irregular circle.

To create chubby cheeks, emphasize both its faces when drawing the head. This will make your dog appear more adorable.

You should ensure that your dog’s head is drawn in the upper portion of the paper. This will ensure that your dog’s body has enough room at the bottom.

Step 2: Draw a diagram of the dog’s head, body and legs

Draw the outline below the head of the dog’s body. The illustration shows that the dog’s body is to the side, as it is looking towards its left.

You have the option to position your dog in any way you like, or exactly follow the illustration.

Step 3: Attach the collar to the neck of the dog

To create the collar, draw a long, narrow rectangle along the neck of the dog. Attach a dangling bauble to the bottom of the collar!

You are free to design and style the collar in any way that you like! The collar can be customized with a design or a pattern.

Step 4: Draw the front paws of your dog

With a paw just under the chest, draw the front paw of your dog. Do not forget to add three toes to each foot!

To create your feet, draw separate curves that form the toes.

Step 5: Next, draw the hind legs of your dog

Once we have drawn the front paws of the dog, it is time to draw its back paws to complete the set of legs.

Draw a straight line from the bottom of your dog’s back to create a bent hindleg. Draw a foot with three toes below it.

As the illustration shows, the hind leg of the dog should only be visible because it is facing the side.

Step 6 – Next draw the dog’s tail

Draw a straight line that is narrow and curvy with a tapered tip to shape your dog’s tail. To make your dog happy and interested, draw the tail’s outline upwards.

The illustration shows a pointed tail. However, you can draw any type of tail or hairy tail.

Step 7 – Next, draw a pair dog ears

Continue drawing one ear on each side. As shown in the illustration, we think that the large drooping ears or folded ears look the best.

Don’t be afraid to draw your ear in any position you like, standing or cropped.

Keep in mind that the texture of an animal’s ears will depend on their breed and how they feel.

Step 8: Now draw the nose and mouth

Draw a triangle upside-down on the lower part of your dog’s face to define his nose.

Next, create a lip line by drawing two curves upwards connecting them. To structure your mouth, draw a V-shaped curve below your lips. To create the tongue, don’t forget about adding a curve to the inside of the mouth!

Step 9 – Add the eyes to complete your drawing

Completing your drawing will complete your dog’s face.

To outline the eyes, draw two ovals vertically above the nose. Draw two small circles within the eyes. Then shade the entire eye, excluding the small circles.

These tiny circles will be the “glitters”, which act in the dog’s eyes without ghosting, giving your dog a dramatic effect on his facial expressions.

This is the fun part! Color your dog’s drawing!

There are four basic colors for a dog’s coat: red, black, brown, and white. These primary colors can be matched with a variety other colors, as well as the dog’s coat color.


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