This drawing guide will teach you how to draw a simple puppy. This tutorial is for beginners and people who want to learn how to draw simple shapes. Use light strokes and don’t put too much pressure on your pencil. You will see great results if you check back often with our illustrations.



Step 1

Let’s get started with this guide to drawing a simple dog. To represent our beloved pet’s head and body, first draw two rounded shapes. The cartoon style dictates that the head of the pet should be much larger than its body. This feature is probably familiar if you visit the chibi drawing tutorials.


Step 2

Two lines are required to connect the shapes in the previous step. The back line is quite short. The front line is longer. The front line extends into the outline of one of the front leg’s legs, as you can see. As in the sample, you should also draw the outline of one additional paw.

Step 3

We can make this a great-looking dog with a little bit more action. This step is divided into two lines if you pay attention. The first line is the dog’s tail and front paw. The smooth contours of our hind leg are formed by the second line. The arch is formed by the legs closest to our feet. It contains the hind leg.

Step 4

Like all parts of the dog’s body, their ears look simple. On the lateral side of the head, draw two more rounded shapes. For the ears of your pet, you can use any shape. This will work well with triangular ears placed vertically.

Step 5

Draw the outline of the dog’s protruding portion. This is actually more difficult than you might imagine. Draw the nose in an inverted triangle to avoid confusion. Pay close attention to the ratio between the nose and the contour of the head. Draw a straight line from the tip of the nose to the base.

Step 6

Eliminate all unneeded guidelines. Verify that all shapes and proportions are correct. If you wish to make your art more complicated, add shadows and wool texture.

We hope you found this drawing guide useful. If you find a step that is incorrect or your drawing is not what you intended, correct it. A mirror can be used to help you see your work. You can also see the smallest errors in the reflection.
This tutorial was created with great effort. We would love to hear your feedback.

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