Good morning Dear artists, and welcome to our drawing class on drawing the image of a salmon. This is a very simple drawing lesson, at the end of it, we will be able to draw a realistic-looking salmon.


Step 1
The first thing we do is draw an extremely elongated oval. This will form the base on which we draw our bodies for our fish.

Step 2
To the left of the oval, draw eye and mouth. Then using very thin lines, draw out the fins.

Step 3
Remove all guidelines that are not needed from the drawing. Make the lines that are needed straight and smooth.

Step 4
Draw the gills and an axial line on the body, and a line on the fins. The only thing left is to draw shadows.

Step 5
Include shading at the top and bottom of the drawing to give our salmon a more realistic appearance. The sketch of the fish is complete.

The lesson was about drawing the image of a salmon. We don’t have a lot of drawing lessons on fish on our website however if you would like us to draw a different marine creature please let us know of it via the remarks of this article. Don’t forget to join our social media accounts.

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