How to Draw a Realistic Mountains || Realistic Landscape Drawing

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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How to Draw a Realistic Mountains || Realistic Landscape Drawing

Before drawing anything, sketch it in pencil first! I used graphite pencils that are water-soluble along with Derwent Inktense pencils on watercolor paper to draw my sketches. More information is available on these two pencils on my web page in the section titled “Art Supplies”. I started by drawing the landscape using water-soluble graphite. Then I lightly shading it with an dark Inktense pencil.

Step 2
Then I used a paintbrush and water as well as pencil to finish my sketch. It was just a matter of getting an understanding of how the mountains and the landscape flow. Don’t try to achieve perfection.

Step 3
The sketch below is taken drawn from a different angle of the mountains. However, it follows the same pattern.

Step 4
I ended pouring water and then re-blended the brush. The most important lesson I learnt in this drawing is the farthest mountains will gradually fade and fade to become part of the background. This principle will show up in the final drawing.

Step 5
The final sketch was drawn using a color Inktense pencil. I started by drawing out everything in light blue. After that, I added a touch of yellow and red to give hints of the other colors. In the end, the color made through mixing three of the primary colors together with white and black.

Step 6
After I’ve completed my sketch the same way like the white and black ones. Three sketches later, I believe I’m now ready to draw the final sketch. Let’s start!

Step 7
I begin by selecting my pencils. I employed an HB pencil for shading and sketching and a 3H pencil to create the tiniest lines and shadows, and a 6B pencil to create shadows.

Step 8
Start by adding some type of gradient fill to your paper with the pencils HB. Shade your paper and blend the contours with the blend stump.

Step 9
Remove your mountains from the top portion on the board. Bleach is a great option to accomplish this. Then, darken as well as blend in the skies with the pencil 6B and the blend stump.

Step 10
Make use of the pencil to draw in an outline of the mountain in front. Try to draw your shading in a the same direction, instead of writing. Shade lightly in the mountains to the left.

Step 11
Find the mountains to the left. Blend the shadows of the previous step by using a stump blend. Then, eliminate the highlight. Utilize 3H pencils to draw your shadow. Then , begin to define the contour of the highest mountain using the HB pencil.

Step 12
Begin to define the highest mountain using more precise shading using the HB pencil to draw the side that is shaded. Use a 3H pencil on light snow.

Step 13
Complete the rest of the shadows of the mountains, making sure they blend in with the bottom part of the mountain as you can in order to make them appear hazy. When your mountain is finished Make use of your HB pencil to outline a few hills in the foreground.

Step 14
Make use of the HB pencil to create the image of the tree. Then, suggest the trees to be placed on the backgrounds by eliminating the tree’s trunks like branches in the dew.

Step 15
Then, use an HB pencil for shading the top of the of the tree and again. Highlight the corners using an HB pencil.

Step 16
Utilize the pencil of 6B for shading the upper of the tree to make it stand out. Blend the other shadows. Complete the sketch by adding finishing details here and there, mainly to the backgrounds and mountain ranges. I hope you enjoy this drawing. Always, comments and questions are always appreciated!

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