How to Draw a Pig Face

It is important to understand how to draw the face of a pig. This tutorial will show you how.

How to Draw a Pig Face

Along with the cow, the pig is the oldest domesticated animal. The pig has lived alongside humans for more than 7 thousand years.

Over the years, pigs have appeared in many works of art. They can represent both gluttony and selfishness as well as fertility, motherhood, and abundance.


Step 1

Start with the simplest possible ball to draw a pig’s head. Try to get more or less equal contours.



Step 2

The snout should now be represented in a geometric shape similar to a bean. This section of the body should be connected to the head using a few lines.



Step 3

Next, draw the top and bottom edges of the neck with a few simple lines. The pig can’t look up because of the thick neck.



Step 4

This is the easiest stage in drawing a pig’s face. This stage is where you will only need to draw the eyes of the little pig in the upper third.



Step 5

The ears should be drawn at the top of your head. These ears look very similar to the leaves of a tree or flower at this stage. The left ear of the pig is turned in our direction more than its right.



Step 6

To give the ears of the pig a natural appearance, draw the lines for the ear cartilage. These lines should emphasize the turning of your ears.



Step 7

To make the drawing of a pig look natural, add some detail. Draw the nostrils along the snout. Draw the lines for the folds on the neck and face.



Step 8

Now, remove all construction lines from your pig drawing. Darken any lines that are necessary to make the animal look more real.



Step 9

The pig’s skin was painted a beige-pink color, with the inner surfaces of the ears, snout, and nostrils a darker pink. The eyes were blackened with white highlights.



Shadows can be added. This will increase the volume and naturalism of your pig drawing.

You now know how to draw the face of a pig. The rest of the animal is easier than the head. Try drawing this animal from a different angle to improve your drawing skills. This will improve your spatial vision when drawing.



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