Hello, dear artist. 3dvkarts has created a drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Muskrat Step by Step. The rodent is very similar to a rat but larger and heavier.


Step 1
Grab a pencil and draw the head and torso with two circles. Draw the tail and limbs using simple lines. We need to draw very thin lines in the initial steps.

Step 2
Draw the ears and muzzle of our muskrat. Draw the eye in a short line. You can add volume to the tail and limbs.

Step 3
Draw the fur using very fine lines, as shown in our example. The tail of the muskrat does not have fur. You can see the details like the nose, claws, and eyes.

Step 4
Continue the drawing lesson How to Draw a Muskrat Step by Step. We need to make the lines more complete by erasing all the guidelines that we created in the first and second steps.

Step 5
The hatching process will make the drawing appear more detailed. We will then add shadows to the bottom if we think that the light falls from the top of the muskrat. With a little patience, the drawing will be complete.

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