Welcome to 3dvkarts. Today we’ve decided to teach you the drawing process of muskox. You can clearly see it’s an animal that’s like something that is the species of bison and sheep.


Step 1
Draw with a pencil an outline of a circle to serve as a reference for the head, and two ovals to guide the pelvis and chest. Then, sketch out the limbs by drawing simple lines.

Step 2
Draw the muzzle and the horns on the head. By drawing ovals, draw the limbs. Join the heads, the ovals of the pelvis, and the chest making the outline for the back.

Step 3
Let’s make some changes to our muskox. First, draw the horns, which are like a hairstyle from the 1930s. Then draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Create an outline of the animal that appears more fluffy, as in our illustration.

Step 4
The final step of our drawing guide on how to draw muskox is step-by-step. Remove all guidelines that are not needed and then draw the necessary lines to draw them neat and easy.

Step 5
Slowly but surely, we are nearing the final stage of our drawing class on drawing an ox musk. It’s the last step which means it’s time to add shadows. With simple hatching, you can add shadows to areas where light does not drop.

We believe that this was not the most difficult drawing tutorial available on our site. If you are interested in drawing animals, take a look at our tutorials for horses, bulldogs, or wolves. Of course, you can go through the entire “Animals” category, there are a number of fascinating tutorials.

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