Hello dear artists. There are many drawing lessons on our site about cars. We’ve drawn famous brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Today’s lesson will focus on drawing a motorcycle.


Step 1
Let’s begin with the main outline of the carcass. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the sports motorcycle’s angular body using light lines that are barely visible.

Step 2
Draw the handlebar, lower body part, and wheels. We also draw very thin lines in this step so it is easier to erase them later.

Step 3
This step will show you how to draw details on the motorcycle. Use both clear and dark lines. Draw the handlebars, fork, and front panel carefully.

Step 4
Continue to use dark lines and clear lines to draw the seat and sides of the motorcycle. This area may differ from one model to another.

Step 5
Next, we will draw details on the lower portion of the motorcycle’s body. As in the example, draw the engine slider, exhaust pipe, and side panels.

Step 6
We need to be careful here, as we are drawing the wheels. They should be as smooth as possible. Draw the brake discs, front fender, and rims.

Step 7
We are now on the final step of our lesson on how you can draw a motorcycle. Classic hatching is used to add shadows in the areas that are least well lit.

This is only the first lesson in a series of lessons on drawing motorcycles. We will be drawing many different motorcycles in the next lessons. Share your ideas and lessons on drawing with friends.

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