How to draw a Magpie Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw a Magpie Step by Step

How to draw Mythical Creatures Step by Step

Step 1

Begin drawing Magpie by making two triangles that are slightly smaller than the rest. In China and Korea, this bird is considered lucky charm.

Step 2

Make a curve in the beak to create the head. Add another curve at the bottom to make the beak.

Step 3

Draw a small circle around the eyes, and another for the pupils.

Step 4

Draw a line from the back to draw the body. To draw the front, make a straight line going down. Then, bring it in to close your bottom. Magpies can reach 50 cm in length!

Step 5

For the wings, draw small curves in the body. For the feather pattern, add a small curve to the base of your wing.

Step 6

Plus, my feet draw two straight lines at an angle. You can also add some pointed toes to the bottom.

Step 7

You can add another leg just behind the front. Keep in mind those pointed claws!

Step 8

For a tail with rounded tips, add two downward lines at an angle. Your Magpie should be black and white

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