Dear readers, and welcome to this drawing tutorial that teaches drawing the kumiho. It is a creature of Korean mythology that represents the concept of a wolf female capable of changing into a fox, with nine tails.


Step 1
Let’s begin with the stickman. This is taken from the skeleton of our modern-day character. The first step is to sketch out the head as a shape of an oval. Then we sketch the spine, chest, and pelvis. After this step, we draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Draw two lines on the head, which will assist us in drawing the features on the head. The next step is to outline the neck and torso which narrows significantly in the waist. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, draw legs and arms. Take note that the
The proportion of shoulders and hips of men and women are slightly different.

Step 3
Let’s add some more specifics and unique characteristics to our Kumho drawing. Begin by sketching out the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then sketch out the long straight locks. Next sketch the dress and the twisting tails.

Step 4
Let’s get to the essentials and clean up our drawing. By drawing clear lines, you can draw the entire drawing, eliminating all guidelines that are not needed.

Step 5
The drawing class on drawing the Kumiho was close to coming in the final. Draw the hair black. After that, we can hatch shadows onto our drawings. Create longitudinal lines on the tail of the girl monster.

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