How to Draw a Horse Head

Are you looking to learn what it takes to draw a horse’s head? If you’re here, you are most likely to know how to draw the head of a horse.

How to Draw a Horse Head

This tutorial will be extremely easy and will comprise ten steps, each containing the new lines we painted in red to ensure that even the most inexperienced artists can create a horse’s face.


Step 1

Start by drawing your head in the form of a huge ball. Then, we can use the arcuate line for depicting the backbone. The lines at this point must be as loose and light as possible.




Step 2

From this point on, we’ll use sharper and darker lines. This is why at this point draw the long muzzle as well as the front face of your neck.




Step 3

We’ll now go toward the top to draw the ears. Make them exactly the same as in the illustration by the artists at




Step 4

With two oval figures to draw the eyes. Add creases to the eyes. Make sure to note your eyes appear positioned far from each other.




Step 5

Then, turn your attention towards the muzzle and draw the mouth. After that, draw the nostrils. Make sure to do it exactly like this sketch.




Step 6

We can now draw the hair of a mane. Utilizing flowing lines that are long and smooth depict hair that is between the ears. In this phase, the hairstyle is reminiscent of hairstyles that look like a man’s hairstyle, isn’t it?




Step 7

Let’s now move on to the neck and show the hair in this region. The lines must be straight and smooth. Make sure to show hair from the roots to the ends.




Step 8

Then, use an eraser to remove the lines that are auxiliary to the drawing of the head of a horse. Draw it using beautiful dark lines, and proceed to the next part of the tutorial on drawing an image of a head of a horse.




Step 9

Let’s now create the most beautiful and detailed appearance. With long lines, depict the hair’s texture. Keep in mind that the hair needs to be depicted from the root all the way to the ends.




Step 10

Let’s now paint the horse’s head. Horses can be painted in a variety of colors, so you could paint the head of your horse with the colors used in the illustration below, or some other hue.




We’ve reached the final tutorial on drawing the head of a horse. Try to draw other animals like a Cheetah as well as a crane.

Additionally, you can write to us your feedback on this tutorial and in general, since we will read all of your comments and reply to a lot of them.

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