Dear artists and admirers of art. Today, we are presenting the latest drawing tutorial which we’ll guide you through what to draw in a head of a flamingo step-by-step. It is a quite refined bird with a thin, long neck.


Step 1
Begin by sketching out the head with a shape that is oval. Then draw the neck and beak by using light and slightly curly lines.

Step 2
The neck and the beak should be more slender as in our illustration. Draw the lines that run through the eye. Be aware that in the initial two steps we need to make use of very light lines.

Step 3
Therefore, we have to remove all unneeded guidelines. Using short and light strokes gives the contours of the neck and head a more feathery texture. Draw out the eye to make the beak appear more slim and smooth.

Step 4
With the help of classic hatching, here we also add the shadows of our flamingo. In this case, we create a pupil and then shade the tip of the beak. If you draw the drawing colored by hand, then the neck and head of the flamingos should be pink, while its beak must be yellow.

Then, there was the drawing tutorial on drawing a flamingo’s head. Tell us if you need new drawing tutorials where we illustrate birds as well as other animals. Leave your suggestions in the comments section and connect with us on social networks.


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