How To Draw A Fairy sitting on the Moon

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Things that are used:
1. Pencil Name: DOMS ( ZOOM ULTIMATE DARK ).

How To Draw A Fairy sitting on the Moon

2. Blending stump for Blending (You could use a paint brush, makeup brushes, or cotton buds in place of the blend stum.

Step 1
Begin by drawing guidelines as well as small forms for the moon’s frame.

Step 2
Then, you can use the guide for drawing the head/face in the outline of the face of the fairy. This will include the eyes, lips, and outline design of her ears. After that make a hairstyle.

Step 3
Then, draw the contour of her neck. Next, draw the outline and the shape that her figure. The drawing can be done from a side view of an angle view. Draw her clothes and make boots. Include details on both the boots and clothing, and finish with fins.

Step 4
You will now make the wings. You can pick any style you like or stick with the outfits I’ve created.

Step 5
Simply draw the star.

Step 6
It is now possible to sketch a crescent moon with the view of her remaining feet and legs. Remove the mistakes and directions as well as tidy the artwork.

Step 7
It’s over, you’re done. It’s possible to color the moon fairy with a solid color to give it appear more sculptural or color each piece separately.

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