In this drawing class, we will teach how to draw a face. the art of drawing a face, especially for novices. This is the simplified version of our tutorial on drawing an image of a face.


The primary difference between this method from the more complicated version is that it will have less detail, and there is no need to work using shadows. However, despite its simplicity, the result looks very real.

Let’s start the tutorial on how to draw faces for those who are new to drawing.


Step 1

When drawing a face, your first task is drawing an oval. This serves as a reference for the subsequent work. In the beginning, it is recommended that very light lines be drawn, as later on, they’ll be erased. The face’s oval must be symmetrical, and you can examine it through a mirror and confirm this.

Step 2

In order to make your face appear at ease and proportional, draw the guidelines of symmetry onto an oval face. The two lines should be directly in the middle of the face. The horizontal line indicates the position of the eye’s corners and on the horizontal line, the location of the mouth, nose, and hairline.

Step 3

Next, you can draw the facial features. Begin by drawing the eyes. With the help of the guidelines, first, sketch the contours of the upper lids, and follow with the lower eyelids. To find out more about drawing eyes, refer to our tutorial on drawing eyes for beginners.

Step 4

The pupils should be drawn inside the eye’s outlines. The lower and upper sides of your eyes must be partially covered by eyelids. Be sure to mark the folds on both ends like in the example. These folds actually represent the lines of your eye sockets.

Step 5

Make your eyebrows appear above the eyes. Eyebrows have an array of shapes. So you can duplicate the outlines of eyebrows as we did in our example or design your own unique design. The details and the eyes, ought to be as symmetrical and proportional as you can. To verify this, either take a look at your sketch in a mirror or flip it upside-down.

Step 6

We will continue with this tutorial on drawing faces for people who are just beginning. Then, draw the nose according to the sketched guidelines earlier. The first step is to draw the part of the nose’s tip and then the wings. Then sketch out the outline of the rear of the nose by drawing long lines and smooth lines. To find out more about the art of drawing noses, check out our post for drawing the nose.

Step 7

Create the lip. The first step is to sketch the middle line with the lines that were drawn in the beginning. Following that with smooth lines, draw out the lines of the lower and upper lips. In our post on drawing lips, we discussed the process in depth. We also discussed ways to create volume on the lips by hatching.

Step 8

The next step is to shape the face to not appear like an egg or potato. To achieve this sketch the lines of the cheekbones and the chin. The jaw, as with all other areas of the face can have a distinct form from the one we have shown. You can then repeat the entire sketch as we have done or draw the cheekbones and chin in the sketch in a different form. After that, you can go up to the top of your hair and sketch the outline that will form the shape of your hairstyle.

Step 9

Draw the ears now. Begin by sketching out the contours of the ears using the help of a pair of smooth, curving lines. Then, draw the outline of the cartilages in the ear. The upper part of the ear must be the same height as the eyebrows and the lower part should be about the same level as the top of the nose. If you’re looking to draw real-looking ears look up how to draw the structure of the ears and follow our tutorial for drawing an ear.

Step 10

Then, take an eraser and remove all unnecessary lines of construction from the sketch. Make the hairstyle more complete appearance by drawing hair in the bangs, along the sides, and on top, as we did in our illustration. To make the drawing of your face look more professional it is possible to trace lines and darken the lines and make them more clear and sharp.

Step 11

You may leave the drawing of your face as is or add some changes. You can, for instance, make your sketch more imposing by adding shadows. For more information on how to achieve this, read our post on shadow and light. You may also choose to color your art or draw additional elements like glasses or earrings, or tattoos.

Did the face drawing class beneficial to you? Send us a note about it along with the type of instruction you’d like to learn more about on our website. We look over all your comments and will respond to a lot of them.


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