Hello dear artists! Today’s drawing class will teach you the art of drawing the mouse as of the more popular mammals in the world. The creature that was once a source of only trouble, is now the main character in cartoons and films, and children’s books.


Step 1
Then, in the first, we trace our heads in a shape of a circle. Then, we sketch out the torso as that of an oval. Draw your mouse’s tail with an extended and slightly curled line before moving to the next step.

Step 2
Draw out a sharp musculature of the mouse’s ears using two semicircles. Sketch out limbs that are small and draw a line for the tail.

Step 3
Connect the various parts of the body as they were in the previous steps using an identical shape. Draw the claws, eyes, and nose.

Step 4
Remove all lines that are unnecessary from the previous step. Be careful when drawing the specifics. Draw the torso by using the aid of short and soft lines.

Step 5
Draw very short hairs on the tail of the mouse. Include a few additional shorter lines, to create a mouse’s body the appearance of fluffy. By using light hatching, add shadows, as we did in our illustration. Be sure to color your eyelashes black.

Then, we had the drawing lesson on drawing with a mouse step by step. We tried to make sure you were able to draw without issues. If you are able to draw a mouse like our example please let us know about your experience in the comments section of this article. If your drawing does not look like ours, don’t be concerned. Try drawing your mouse once more, since the most important thing to draw is to practice. Retry it again and again, and you’ll be amazed at how every time you draw, your drawing will get better and more effective.

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