Chibi is an anime-style character with a slim body and a head that is almost as big as his. Chibi always appears more adorable and simple compared to the regular look of the characters. To draw certain villains or heroes it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of drawing with this adorable style. So today we’ll show you and show that you can draw a chibi-style girl.


Step 1
We will first draw an oval. Put it on the top of the paper. You can guess that we traced a contour that resembled the head of our Chibi girl. The initial four steps are merely the preparation to draw and draw, so don’t try to draw all the lines in a perfect way and dark.

Step 2
Let’s draw a slim torso. Its length is nearly as long as the head. Make sure to draw a slim but visible neck. Take note that the hips of the girl must be noticeably wider than the shoulders.

Step 3
In this stage, we’ll draw the lines of the arms and legs. Actually, these proportions aren’t exactly normal for Shibi since those legs in Chibi are smaller. Another thing to consider is that the bodies of females and males of chibi have similar proportions.

Step 4
By using two quick movements, we sketch the lines that define the harmony on the face of the girl in the cartoon. The goal of this stage is to sketch hairstyles in the form of a silhouette. It is possible to make the hair of the woman shorter or even longer. You can also create completely different haircuts. Also, do not forget to trace the contours of your clothes.

Step 5
Let’s draw a big expressive eye. Draw eyes with dark eyelashes and pupils that have an eerie glare. It is important to note that chibi eyelashes almost always take up a large portion of the head, however, their eyes can appear as normal eyes. You can draw your eyes by taking this animation drawing class.

Step 6
In this section, we’ll sketch the style of hair for this adorable character, and also the facial contours. The first step is to draw the lines that flow from the cheeks and jawline. Next, draw the eyebrows that should be placed high enough over the eyes. You can finish by drawing the hair using dark lines and then removing the unneeded lines of the facial.

Step 7
This lesson will show the upper part of the Chibi girl. The chibi’s figure is generally not like humans, however, in this lesson, we’ve created our chibi model to be slightly more like a real female. Try to communicate all the features of the body with the simplest lines.

Step 8
The next step is to sketch out the lower part of the girl. Through very smooth lines draw the legs that begin to grow in the hips, and then narrow in the knees. To make your drawing more realistic, including seams and folds.

Thank you for taking the time to read our tutorial on drawing the Chibi Girl. When you have completed this step, we’ll provide you with some fascinating and useful details:

The first thing to do is remember that the course will help you draw nearly any character drawn in chibi-style, as all chibi share the same drawing style;
The students sketched the chibi in an extremely complicated manner, but you can simplify your drawings more, for instance, by drawing your eyes as dots, or by drawing fewer specifics on your body or clothes
You can dramatically enhance your drawing abilities by beginning drawing this drawing by changing the various aspects, like hairstyle, clothes, or hairstyles;
Another way to increase your drawing abilities is to practice drawing the head and limbs in various positions.
You could even color your chibi by using pastel colors. Then your design will look better.
This drawing lesson is intended for all fans of anime it was created by admirers of this form of fine art. If anime and chibi are something you are interested in don’t forget to share this lesson with those who might find interesting in this area of art.

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