Hello dear readers. Today we bring you the latest drawing tutorial which we’ll teach you how to draw an eagle bald step-by-step. In reality, this is likely to be one of the more popular birds around the globe. Apart from that this stunning and well-known bird can be considered the symbol of American pride. The United States.


Step 1
Let’s begin by sketching the major outline of our bald eagle. A large wingspan, a small head, and an oval trunk form the foundation of our sketch.

Step 2
We will continue to outline the key aspects of our bald eagle. On the head, create a hook-like beak as well as an eye. Sketch the edges that are lower on the wings, and the tail that is rounded.

Step 3
Remove all unnecessary lines off the head of our magnificent bald eagle. Then, using straight lines and clean lines, draw the head in our illustration.

Step 4
Let’s go to feathers of the Eagle. With beautiful and clear lines, draw a seamless upper line of long feathers and wings.

Step 5
Following the same principles that we used to draw wings Let’s make feathers for the tails of our gorgeous bird. Make sure to erase all of the guidelines.

Step 6
We will now return and draw the wings on our Eagle. We will have to draw feathers that are slightly less large than the ones we sketched before.

Step 7
We’ll now work on the shadows. Shadows are always something are best added by using the classic hatching. It is an arduous task particularly when you have the drawing of wings.

This was a drawing class on drawing the bald eagle which is a bird of national significance in the United States. We put a lot of effort into the lesson because this symbol has a lot of meaning to us. We hope it turned out perfectly and neatly. If we’ve helped you master drawing this stunning bird, we’ll be waiting for your comments in the comments below this article. Come back for another drawing lesson!

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