Dear artists and lovers of cool cars, This drawing tutorial will show you step-by-step how we draw a Dodge Charger. Remember that we taught you how to draw a Dodge Challenger in our previous drawing lesson.
Step 1
Let’s begin with the most important features of our sports car’s body. Use a pencil to draw the outline as shown in our example.
Step 2
We also draw basic details using light lines, such as the headlights, radiator grille, and wheels.
Step 3
We will start with this step by using both dark and clear lines. We will now draw the grille and headlights in front of our Dodge Charger.
Step 4
Continue working on the details of the Dodge Charger’s front. The bumper, fog lamps, and bottom grille should be drawn. Draw the hood in the same way.
Step 5
Let’s now move on to the top. Draw the roof, windows, and rear-view mirror using both dark and clear lines. Don’t forget to erase any unnecessary lines.
Step 6
Continue drawing the lines of the windows and then draw the doors. Next, draw the backside of the car as well as the sill.
Step 7
Use smooth and clear lines to draw the wheel arches as well as the wheels. Remember that the wheels must be smooth and perfectly round.
Step 8
Let’s get to the rims on our Dodge Charger. The rims can be made of any shape by using clear and dark lines.

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