Hello everybody. It is a fact that practicing is the most effective instructor for an artist. And what is better than practicing drawing things we observe every day? Thus, art schools instruct how to draw objects such as chairs, tables, and other similar items. So, let’s get back to the subject and discover what it takes to draw an entire cupboard.


Step 1
With straight and clear lines, trace the front of the cabinet, like was done in this illustration below.

Step 2
Draw the side surfaces of the cabinet using the aid of straight lines and clear lines.

Step 3
It’s an easy step. In this case, we only need to draw the exterior outline of the doors.

Step 4
Let’s go towards the top of the cabinet to draw the border.

Step 5
On the front, we draw lines for handles and doors. In the lower portion, we draw the short legs.

Step 6
The cabinet drawing is done. We can add hatching to the sides and legs to make the drawing more extensive.

It was a class in drawing the lines of a cupboard step-by-step where we mainly used straight and clear lines. This lesson is an excellent exercise to master drawing straight lines. Do a lot of practice and frequently to gain mastery of drawing and to become an awesome illustrator.


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