How to Draw a Crane Bird

The team as well as our readers enjoy drawing animals. Therefore, we’ll teach you ways to draw the crane quickly and easily.

How to Draw a Crane Bird

As the title of our website suggests that we will show you how to draw quickly so the present instructions will be traditional and easy.

So, get your most-loved art materials and begin by reading the tutorial on drawing the bird crane!


Step 1

Then, draw your head as well as the torso as a combination made of simple ovals. Then, with a single and strongly curving line, join these two pieces.




Step 2

Imagine a triangular beak. In the middle, draw the mouth in a small section in the same way as the artists from depicted in the photo below.




Step 3

Then you can, by using a small circle depict the eyes on the head of the crane. After that, using a second curving line, repeating the lines from the previous stage, complete by illustrating the neck.




Step 4

Then, using some long lines, draw the legs that are thin and long in the joint like the artists from in their sketch below.




Step 5

Finish drawing the legs of the crane using fingers that are thin and long with sharp and short claws at the tips.




Step 6

Go to the back of your bird and draw the long, hanging feathers of the tail. Now your bird drawing will look like this.




Step 7

Then, sketch an outline of the crane’s wings. In the beginning, sketch the outline of the wing. Then employ a lot of straight lines in order to represent the plumage.




Step 8

Then, take an eraser and remove the guidelines of the bird’s crane drawing. Then trace the drawing of the crane with darker lines to ensure that it appears more dense and pleasing to the eye.




Step 9

Let’s now draw the bird’s face. Use the color palette offered by the artists from or design yourself colors.




Dear readers of you are nearing the close of our tutorial on drawing crane birds. In the introduction of this post, we mentioned that drawing a crane bird would be simple. Were we right? Have you mastered the task without difficulty? Let us know and upload your art on our social media networks.

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