How To Draw A Capricorn

How To Draw A Capricorn

Step one:

How To Draw A Capricorn

Begin by sketching the outline in.

Step  two:

After that, you can draw the face shape you want to start with.

Step three:

We can then proceed to sketch out the facial face features.

Step four:

Then, you can make quick and swift, deliberate lines that flow into a collection of flowing hair. It may take some time before you can become comfortable with the idea. Try to be as sketchy as you need.

Step five:

Include the last remnants of hair.

Step six:

Let’s fill with her wild horns and the left arm that will then guide back to the upper torso.

Step seven:

Draw on the lower portion of her neck, as well as the right arm.

Step eight:

Let’s then add some gorgeous locks for her to hide the!

Step nine:

Begin at the top that is the leg, work your way down toward the hooves too.

Step ten:

Finally, draw the necklace of leaves she is wearing. It is possible to personalize this by using flowers or any other.

Step eleven:

After you’ve finished sketching you can take the sharpie with a fine tip or a black pen to make your sketch. Try practicing those line weights! Bravo! How did it turn out?

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