Hello, dear artists. On our website, you can find numerous drawing lessons that cover various professions, like art teacher as well as skiing. Today, we’d like to expand on the theme of drawing and have created an instructional video on drawing a businessman.


Step 1
Let’s begin by drawing the character of the stickman. First, draw an outline of a head that is the shape in the shape of an oval. Next, outline a long spine. On the spine, sketch out the pelvis and thorax. After the step, sketch out the legs and arms using the usual lines.

Step 2
On the face, draw two lines that cross within the region that is the bridge between your nose and mouth. Then sketch out the neck in the shape of a cylindrical shape. Connect the pelvis and thorax using gentle lines to create the outlines of the body. Then, sketch out the arms and shoulders with simple geometric shapes. Then, in your right hand

We sketch out an idea of a phone. We sketch out a smartphone and put it in our left-hand briefcase.

Step 3
We’ll now work on the basics. Begin by sketching out the nose, eyes, and mouth using the aid with simple lines. Then outline the hair of the businessman in our illustration. Draw the general lines of the components in the dress.

Step 4
Let’s start by examining the fundamentals that define our professionalism. With clear and dark lines, draw his face’s outline and the hairstyle. Then, at the end of the procedure, erase any unnecessary instructions off the head.

Step 5
Continue the drawing lesson on drawing the figure of a businessman. This time we’ll focus on the particulars of the body. Take care to draw your outline for the jacket, shirt, and tie. Draw the folds using the aid of lines that are short.

Step 6
Let’s begin by drawing the arms of the businessman. Utilizing dark and clear lines trace an outline for the arms. Create folds on the areas of elbows and armpits. Take care to draw out fingers, mobile phones, and briefcases.

Step 7
Let’s begin with the lower part for the professional. Draw the outline of shoes and pants Then erase the outline and fold them in.

Step 8
The sketch of the businessman is close to being finished We just need to make shadows. With light hatching, we can make shadows in places that the light cannot hit.

It was a drawing tutorial on drawing the businessman step-by-step. What professions or representatives would you like to be featured on our site? Comment on it in the comments of this article.

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