How to draw a Boston Terrier Dog Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to draw a Boston Terrier Dog Step by Step

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Step 1

Here is a quick guide on how to draw a Boston terrier’s head. The first image shows how the drawing will look when it is done. The rest are step-by–step instructions for drawing a Boston Terrier head.

Step 2

Let’s now draw the entire dog. Begin by drawing three circles, with the body being largest. Only the body and the ends will connect. Once you are done, add the face guides to continue with step 2.

Step 3

You will now begin to outline the shape of the dog’s head. The upper portion is quite flat and blocky. You can now move to step 4 to continue your momentum in drawing a Boston Terrier.

Step 4

Once you have drawn the basic features of the head, you can use the face guides to draw details such as the nose, eyes, and tiny beads. The Boston terrier is bulldog-bred, so it must be a bulldog.

Step 5

The eye color is the same, but there are some white lines. After you have completed the marking, you can place a white stripe in its middle. Next, add whisker holes and draw wrinkles along the bridge of your dog’s nose. Move the lower jaw forward by tracing it out.

Step 6

Because the Boston Terrier is so strong-looking, their neck is long. The neck should be drawn. Next, draw the length of your body. The tail will need trimming, as well as some hind legs.

Step 7

Let’s draw the front leg first, then the back leg. This dog is the ideal show pose, as you can see.

Step 8

Continue to draw the front pins, until they are complete. After you are done, draw the chest and abdomen. You can now draw the inner leg of the back and move on to the next step.

Step 9

You can complete the Boston terrier’s body by painting his toes or paws.

Step 10

To clean up your drawing, erase the shapes and guides you created in step 1. Once you are done, you can begin to draw marks on the shoulders or inner legs.

Step 11

When you are done, this is how your new drawing will look. Have fun coloring the dog. If you do it right, you will have a wonderful piece of art that will be included in your sketchbook with other great drawings. You have.

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