how to draw a body

In this simple tutorial, the team of will demonstrate the art of drawing a human body easily and quickly. This is one of the most basic and is vital if would like to know how to draw the human form.

how to draw a body

Step 1

Now, let’s begin drawing the body using the Skeleton. In the beginning, draw what’s on the head as well as chest and pelvis in the shape that is simple ovals. The length of the torso when viewed from the neck is about equal to the total of three or two heads.



Step 2

Therefore, using the aid of straight lines, simple lines show the limbs, while with the aid of tiny circles, the joints are depicted. The arms measure equal according to three or two heads, while they are equivalent to the total height of four heads.




Step 3

Draw two lines on the face that we can later draw the specifics that make up the face. head’s face. With the help of a cylindrical model draw the neck. Then, using straight lines, sketch the torso, just as the team from depicted in the sketch below.




Step 4

Create simple circular shapes to show how the arm. Utilizing simple balls, illustrate the elbow and shoulder joints. At the same time, you can draw hands. hands like the artists from did.




Step 5

Utilizing slightly modified cylindrical shapes, draw your legs that are supposed to be slightly thicker in comparison to the arms. Finish the fifth step by drawing feet like the illustration by the artists at




Step 6

Utilizing the lines of our third step, let us start to draw the face. Begin by drawing eyes and eyebrows. eye along with the eyebrows and then move towards the nose and finish the sixth stage by drawing a mouth. jaw.



Step 7

Then, using the letter U which is angular, depicts the jaw. The jaw can be depicted as more powerful and big or neat and small when portraying the jaw of a female.



Step 8

At this point, we’ll complete the drawing that we have drawn of the head. Make a sketch and create lines in the shape of the hair. The eighth stage is to draw the ears.



Step 9

Let’s now draw the upper torso. By drawing smooth clean lines draw those muscles in the neck, as well as the pectoral and the abs. Create the torso contours smooth and clear.



Step 10

Let’s begin working on arms once more. With clear and smooth lines, draw the finer details in the arms while highlighting the muscles, just like the artists from



Step 11

In this phase of the instructions on drawing an outline of a body, we’ll begin by drawing with our hands. The first step is to draw the fingers while taking note of all the details like the artists of have done in the illustration below.



Step 12

With smooth lines, gently trace the legs with smooth lines and draw attention to the muscles of the legs. The legs should have a proper and appealing appearance. Show the shorts in the same fashion.




Step 13

In this phase of the instructional on drawing the body, we’ll complete the sketch by drawing the feet. Be careful to draw them, and all toes, like the illustration by the artists from




Step 14

Take an eraser and remove the guidelines of the drawing body. Next, you can use a pencil with a darker shade of ink, to draw the drawing to make it look more attractive and dense.




Step 15

Take the skin color and apply them to the body. It is possible to paint both common colors as well as more unique ones, such as for instance, if you want to portray Hulk the Incredible Hulk. Therefore you need to create an image of the body.




What do you think about the instructions on drawing the body? The team at is waiting for your feedback. We look over all your feedback and will respond to many of them. Check out the additional instructions on For instance writing articles on the anime genre as well as the superhero genre.

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