How to draw a Baobab Tree Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1. First, draw the roots. Draw two lines of diagonal adjacent to one another, but equally separated. In connection to the line that you just traced then draw two lines that curve upwards and then draw a “V” at the end. Repeat the process in a smaller one, making sure they’re connected to one with each other.

How to draw a Baobab Tree Step by Step

Step 2: Now, trace the trunk. From the far left source, you sketched the long, slightly curving line. Draw a long and curled somewhat line starting from the far right-hand side.

Step 3: Draw the branches. What did you draw when drawing your roots? Draw the branches in the same manner but using longer lines and the “V” going up instead of down. Make sure they are attached to each side of the tree and one another through the middle.

Step 4. Draw the branches. Draw a medium-sized Wavy line using the branch you have drawn. Draw a few tiny Wavy lines from each side of that moderately-sized wavy line you have drawn. Here’s how to draw a tree’s branch. Draw a second wavy line from another branch with the addition of a tiny “V” at the end. Another method of drawing branches of trees. Draw the two types of branches in the middle and at the top of the branches.

Step 5: Draw the leaves. On the branches draw five tiny pointed ovals that form the shape of a circle. This is called a leaf. Draw them near the end of all branches as well as branches.

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