Gas Mask Drawing

Gas Mask Drawing

Simply draw a circle around the head, then make some guidelines for the facial features of the mask.

Gas Mask Drawing

Step 1:

You will now use the guidelines to create the gas mask’s lens for your eyes. These should be large, egg-shaped circles. Once you have completed these, draw the small circle that will be used as the filter for the gas mask.

Step 2:

You will see that the person who is wearing the gas mask also wears a hoodie. Draw the lid lining for your hoodie, then create the tube shape for the second filter. You can also add framing to the inside of your mask lenses.

Step 3:

You will complete the hoodie by drawing the clothes. You can begin by removing the sides from the hood. Then add the details to make the hood look loose and baggy. The filter tube can be used to define the mask.

Step 4:

This step will be completed by drawing the filter holes on your mask, as shown here. Once you have completed the filter holes, draw the smoke or gas that is being filtered. The gas is drawn in a grafiti-like fashion.

Step 5:

We will now draw the gaseous or vapors that surround the city below. It is important to take your time so that the drawing looks like a stream. You can also add some rippling to the edges of the gas fumes.

Step 6:

Below the masl, draw the silhouette. This should be easy. The silhouette can be drawn in any city, but I chose New York as my example. Colorize the city landscape after erasing the guides and mistakes.

Step 7:

This is it, guys. I hope you had a lot of fun. I’ll be back with more lessons. Don’t forget to color your gas mask!

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