Eye In Mouth Drawing Lesson

Eye In Mouth Drawing Lesson

Step 1:

Eye In Mouth Drawing Lesson

The first step is to begin beginning by sketching the top lip. This is a full, sculpted appearance. After that it is time to draw the beginning of the bottom lip .

Step 2:

We will draw both front teeth, and then the full contour of the lower lip. Note that the lower parts of the teeth have a curvature toward the rear, which is due to they will form like the eyes.

Step 3:

Now, draw the eye’s shape and ensure that you have the angles of each corner are in the right direction. Once you’ve done that, begin the process for the lower teeth.

Step 4:

Draw the shape of the iris that is a circle, and then draw and color the pupil. Remove any mistakes you’ve made any.

Step  5:

This lesson is over. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing eyes inside a mouth. Use color to your drawing and display your work.

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