Elsa Coloring Pages

The first and only free Elsa coloring sheet for children that we’ve put together to offer you is a close-up on the famous character!

Elsa Coloring Pages

She usually wears clothes that are lighter and less muted and her hair has a gorgeous mild yellow shade.

Do you choose to go with these classic colors for your first photo or opt for something different?

Elsa is known as an irritable and serious persona however this doesn’t mean she won’t always be smiling! She’s smiling in this photo and it’s a an adorable photo of her.

In coloring this image it is recommended to use lighter shades to highlight the positive vibe of the picture.

What color do you want to color it?

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The next page shows Elsa in a laid-back and cheerful pose. There’s a lot of attitude this time, and it truly shows the more spirited part of her!

Elsa can create ice out of her hands, so you can sketch and color some Ice effects that come from her palms in this drawing to make it look great.

Although Elsa is most well-known for her ice-inspired clothes, she often dresses in lighter shades!

In certain of her appearances she’s wearing the majority of green dresses which gives her a more Summer style.

Are you going to go with that type of color scheme on this post, or do you prefer to stick with her traditional style?


The next Elsa coloring sheet shows Elsa with an even more anxious expression.

While she’s a strong and courageous character, she is able to be caught in a variety of overwhelming situations! What kind of scenario do you think she might be in?

We recommend using lighter shades that are depicted using mediums such as watercolor pencils or colored pencils for this, but whatever you decide to use will look amazing!


The sixth page we’ve prepared to share with you is one that conveys Elsa’s fierce personality perfectly!

The particulars of this illustration show her face in a stunning way and also include amazing details that are smaller in size to her haircut.

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