Easy anime girl Drawing so cute Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.


Easy anime girl Drawing so cute Step by Step

Characters from anime have round faces. Two main lines are used to draw the bottom of anime faces. One goes from the top of the head down to the mouth, and the other from there to the neck. The chin is either completely straight or slightly curved.

To make your anime face look more real, draw your head almost in the same manner but with a flatter, wider chin (closer than the real chin). Optionally, you can make your head longer vertically by making it a bit higher.

To ensure that both sides of your face are equal, start by drawing a vertical line. Next, draw a circle around the head. Then project the lines from the bottom of your head as described.

Step 2 – Draw your eyes

The eyes should be positioned in the same manner as you would position the head to make an anime character look more traditional. (As suggested by other tutorials on AnimeOutline). Draw a line from the center of your face to draw the eyes. You can place another eye between the eyes by leaving space between them.

Make the eyes of anime characters smaller than their normal eyes, but wider than your real eyes. The iris should be round. In anime, the pupil and iris are usually extended vertically.

Step 3: Draw the semi-realistic nose

The traditional anime nose is drawn in front view with a dot. However, it is possible to draw a much more natural looking nose.

The nose should be positioned as you would for an anime character. Similar to the tutorials on AnimeOutline.

You can subdivide the entire drawing of a realistic nose into different curves. Two small curves should be drawn for the nostrils. Add two curves to indicate the sides of your nose. The tip of your nose should be curved, and the bridge of your nose should have a longer curve. Draw the last line on only one side of your nose. If you add it on both sides, your drawing will be odd.

Step 4 – Draw your ears

Drawing ears is very similar to other anime styles. Draw the top and bottom of your ears in line with each other.

You should note that the tutorial’s ears will eventually be covered in hair. This can be erased in the final steps.

Step 5 – Draw Mouth & Lips

Although the mouth is drawn in anime without lips, you can add them to make it more real.

Place the lower lip of your mouth between the bottom and top of your nose.

The mouth can be drawn as a straight line with a break at the middle. It can be drawn wider than traditional anime mouths.

Step 6: Draw semi-Realistic anime hair

Anime hair is often drawn in spiked bundles. You can see the hair as a bunch of hair, but not with the pointed ends. This makes it look more natural. To create the desired shape, you can leave the ends of the clumps open and draw lines in these spaces. You will get a hair that looks more natural, but is still easy to draw.

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