Drawing lessons for anime girls

Drawing lessons for anime girls

Step 1:

Drawing lessons for anime girls

Start by using some guidelines and basic shapes. You should have two shapes for the head, and one for the upper body. Then, draw the facial guidelines. Next, draw the neck guideline.

Step 2:

Draw a structure for your face using the head shape that you created in step 1. Begin with the cheek, jawline, and chin.

Step 3:

We will now move up and use facial guidelines to draw the top of her eyelids. They should be bold, thick and feathery.

Step 4:

Draw the eye shape, which is a square, in an oblong way. The pupils should be colored in solid colors. Next, add shading to the inner edges of the eyes. Add blushing to the cheek bump. Once that is complete, draw thin eyebrows and a nose.

Step 5:

This is my favorite part. It may seem a bit complicated for those who struggle with drawing anime hair. Begin at the top, and gradually draw the shape of your head. This is the hair. These long curls can be created by following the lining. You can also add hair strand details and create cute curls by drawing in hair ends. Give her long, brushed-over bangs. Then, draw her neck in and that’s all for now.

Step 6:

Draw the left shoulder, which is also her shirt. You should have folded, creased and wrinkled this sketch. You can add some detail and lightly draw in the collar bones.

Step 7:

This part of the body can be altered when drawing the breasts. Although I did draw the breasts quite large, you can still do it much smaller.

Step 8:

The shirt line is a shirt with a low cut. You can draw any type of clothing for your anime girl. Add details where necessary to the arms.

Step 9:

The last step is to sketch texture on her clothing. This is done with both the sleeves and the trunk. You can take your time until your satisfaction is achieved. When you are done, erase all mistakes and follow the guidelines.

Step 10:

When you’re done, here she is. You can color her in to create a background.

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