Drawing a Cougar is easy

Drawing a Cougar is easy

Step 1:

Drawing a Cougar is easy

Draw the guide lines for the head, body, and tail.

Step 2:

Use the facial guidelines to draw those intense eyes. Make sure your lids and lashes look thick, dark, and bold. Next, draw the shape of the eyeballs. The look this cougar gives you is amazing. Once the face is complete, draw the shape of your head and the tufts of hair. Remember to add the whisker holes.

Step 3:

Next, draw the shape of your face.

Step 4:

For a cougar, add long hair.

Step 5:

Begin by drawing the body. Next, draw the front legs and the paws. Then, draw the back and one leg of the paw. Add the marking line to the belly and chest.

Step 6:

Complete the cougar’s back leg, paw and tail. If any mistakes are made, they should be corrected.

Step 7:

This is it. Now, color the big cat.

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