Draw Snoopy Wearing Headphones

Draw Snoopy Wearing Headphones

Step 1:

Draw Snoopy Wearing Headphones

Start the first step as you always do, using guidelines and designs for your body. 2 circles are for your body and head, and then the lines that connect them.

Step 2:

Then, we’ll employ the drawing guidelines to create Snoopy’s head shape and face. Because Snoopy is an Beagle who has large ears. The neck also has a unique shape.

Step 3:

The next step is to draw the headphones. It is evident that, the ear pads’ muffs are very big or puffy. The logo is printed on the ear pads. I created Bose however you can select any brand that you like. Include details to the pads and skip step four.

Step 4:

The idea was to give something different to Snoopy’s appearance so I created a drawing of him sporting sunglasses. Draw the sunglasses. Then color his nose as well as mark his ear.

Step 5:

The next step is to draw the body of Snoopy. Snoopy is in a relaxed posture so don’t be too cocky with his pose. Draw the torso, legs feet, and the tail. Draw the lines for the toes, and then go to the sixth step.

Step 6:

As you can see , you are close to finishing. What you need to do is draw the arm and hand of the person. After that, draw the cord or wire to connect the headphones. Once you’ve done that, put an adorable heart to his chest.

Step 7:

In the final drawing stage, all you be required to do is draw in the Snoopy’s collar. You can also color it with solid. Remove the guides and mistakes.

Step 8:

Here’s the line art after you’re done. You can now go ahead and have fun coloring your sketch.

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