Captain America Coloring Pages

While his look has changed over his career, the core design principles have remained fairly constant.

Captain America Coloring Pages

Are you going to choose shades that give off an old-fashioned look or opt for somewhat modern?

Captain America’s weapon of choice is his American flag-inspired shield which is on display in this second photo.

He’s looking quite at times You can see that he’s in the middle of a frantic action sequence.

Do you want to sketch a background to top off this scene? Which kind of journey do you imagine he would be taking on?

The final page we are offering to color shows a different illustration which appears to have been in some way influenced by Cap’s comic book appearances in the past.

Colors of older hues were typically light and flat, so we’d likely use colored markers or pens to create the same appearance if we were coloring this color.

how to draw a grenade

This is a close-up of Captain America’s iconic mask in the next image.

This more detailed view allows us to paint small parts of the design which is why we’d recommend using mediums like pencils or colored pens to color in smaller details more enjoyable.

How many colors would you choosefor your background?


It’s time to get back into action in this latest Captain America coloring sheet that we’ve got to offer our readers! Cap is back into action and his unbreakable shield is leading the way.

If we were to fill this in we might include some explosions or exciting details to make it more thrilling.

What other details about the background can you think of that will finish this story?

There’s quite a vibrant scene to draw in the image.

In this scene Captain America is seen leaping over something. It is a different one in which it appears that he’s engaged in an action-packed scene

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