Barn Owl Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Barn Owl Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The Barn owl, which is the most common owl in the world, can be found on all continents except Antarctica. Let’s start with the head. For the main face, create a heart-shaped shape. Next, add a curve around the top.

Step 2

You can add the face by creating two curves inwardly and two circles within the curve. Next, draw a small circle within the second circle to create the pupil. Draw a sharp “V” shape to add a beak. Although Barn Owls can’t see their ears, they have great hearing and use it for finding prey.

Step 3

First draw the wings by creating a curved triangle. Then add some rounded tips to the wings.

Step 4

Draw a few more lines that end in a point for the other wing.

Step 5

The first leg can be drawn by drawing two lines and then adding some rounded toes. Draw a few pointed claws at each tip of your toes. Next, draw another loop to the front of your leg.

Step 6

Add another pin to match your first one. Because the owl is able to catch prey faster, it has long legs and claws.

Step 7

Draw some circles around the legs to add the tail behind an owl.

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