Anime Witch Drawing || How to draw an anime girl full body

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Anime Witch Drawing || How to draw an anime girl full body

Begin by drawing an oval-shaped circle to fit the head of the witch. Then draw the guide lines for the neck, face and the body frame.

Step 2

With the outline you traced in step one, begin drawing the design of the face. As you can see the anime witch’s face is adorned with lines and accents to her face. Then, outline her hair that are spread into small sections. Then draw her eyebrows.

Step 3

So far, she’s coming along extremely well. In this exercise, you’ll draw the same large upper eyelid lines and then follow the contours that her eyes have. Once you’ve finished, draw her nose and draw her mouth.

Step 4

This is where the fun begins. It’s time to slowly outline the overall form of the hat to ensure it appears just right. I made it’s top shorter instead of the cone that is long and, to complete the hat with some sweetness, I created the cutest scarf-like band that runs around on the top. When the hat is done you can draw more sketches of her hair , for that I ensured that it was long and straight. Draw some of the details and then move forward.

Step 5

After the head, face and hat are completed then you can begin creating the body. Begin with a sketch of the neck. After that, work towards the point that her arms and shoulders are drawn in a retracted manner, and after which draw her lengthy string necklace that is attached to a gothic-inspired cross. Make the sleeve lines and add some detail to the folds of arms and hands.

Step 6

I’m sure you’re nearly finished. Draw the remainder of her sleeve, and her right hand with the face up and shut. Then create a bucket or a box of Halloween-themed toys in the shape of an orange pumpkin. Draw a cute chibi-like face and then proceed the seventh step.

Step 7

This is the perfect moment to get her torso up as there’s just one step to go. Remove her torso and note how much smaller my breasts are this time around. This top comes in a 2 piece design and the other styles that showcase the baby bump. Draw the designer stitch and continue to the final drawing step.

Step 8

Continue drawing your anime witch . now you need to draw her hips, waistline and adorable tiny skirt with ruffles.

Step 9

Make sure you finish the length of your hair and then you’re ready to begin cleaning the drawing. Once you’ve cleared all mistakes and directions, you proceed to step ten, to look at the way your drawing should appear like.

Step 10

“She’s just adorable Isn’t she?” This is actually a line from an Stevie Wonder song. Here you have it, your brand new anime witch. Coloring her is fun and be sure to return to join me for more fun drawing.

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