8 Step Anime Woman’s Head & Face Drawing Tutorial

This guide explains what to draw in anime females’ face and head step-by-step. The goal is to create an attractive middle-aged woman in the manga/anime style with facial proportions and proportions similar to those of the character.

8 Step Anime Woman’s Head & Face Drawing Tutorial


Anime woman drawing step by step

The woman’s ages in this tutorial could be between their late 20s and late 30s.

If you’re going to follow along with a pencil, try to make your lines light since you’ll have to erase portions of your head during some steps. If you’re drawing digitally, then you could have more options, depending on the software you’re using.

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Step 1 – Structure & Draw the Head

Anime woman head drawing

For a female who is middle age, for the head of a character from anime, draw the head “taller” (longer vertically) than you would draw for someone younger. Children generally have more round faces than adults, so a more rounded face can make the character appear younger and mature.

For the view from the front, you need to draw a figure that is similar to the shape of a circle. Draw two lines that go downwards from there and two lines that go down from them, which will meet in the middle to create the chin.

To view the site, you could draw the upper part of your head in an oval, and then draw the bottom portion to the top section. This is a bit complicated as you’ll want to mark the nose immediately. Like we said earlier, you can sketch a rough drawing using lighter lines to begin and determine the location of the nose and make adjustments at a later time if necessary. For putting the nose in the correct position, see the fourth step of this guide.

Now draw the space between the nose’s tip and the chin in one line. The specifics of the mouth and lower part of the nose are to be added in later steps.


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Step 2 – Place & Draw the Ears

Anime woman ears drawing

It is important to note that the ears will be covered by hair in the next steps, therefore drawing them is optional. But it is an excellent idea to show at least their outline (even if they are erased later) since it helps to determine if your character is a good fit. Drawing the head with no erasers may look odd. It’s also important to know where to place them in the event that you wish to draw a new hairstyle.

To place the ears, make a line horizontal down between the forehead and the line that runs between it as well as the cheeks. Draw the ears in between the two lines.

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Step 3 – Place & Draw the Eyes

Anime woman eyes drawing

Eyes that are larger and more expansive tend to make characters appear younger. For older characters in anime, draw their eyes vertically more narrowly and have slightly smaller pupils/irises relative to the remainder of the eye.

To set the eyes in the correct position, it is possible to use the horizontal line drawn through to the center of the skull from the earlier step. Draw them straight below it.


For the front view, draw the eyes in a way that is far enough to allow an additional eye between them.

Anime woman eyes drawing step by step

It is possible to see all the drawing steps to draw the eyes in the above example but you must complete the complete drawing of the face before you add the color. It is possible to go back to this illustration should you require it to work on the final step of the tutorial.

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Step 4 – Place & Draw the Nose

Anime woman nose drawing

If you are placing the nose, it is possible to follow the lines you used in the earlier step. The bottom will be along the same line as the top of the ear.

When drawing the lower part of the nose, in the side view, you will look at the next step since it’s basically tied into drawing the lips.

If you are drawing the view from the front of your nose, you can draw it in two lines vertically. The tiny gap between these is the point. Draw a line that is shorter for the lower part that is the tip of the nose (below the tips) and a more extended one above it.

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Step 5 – Place & Draw The Mouth & Lips

Anime woman lips drawing

The mouths of anime are typically drawn in one line (often separated between the lines). The lips are usually not displayed at all or even mentioned. But older characters can often be drawn with more prominent facial features. In this scenario, the mouth may appear more defined. Also, the woman is wearing lipstick, so the lips are visible also.

Place the mouth in a position where its bottom lip is about halfway between the bottom of your nose as well as the top of the chin.


Anime woman mouth and lips drawing

Here is the close-up drawing of the lips and mouth complete with the actual details of the image above. Make sure you wait until you’re finished with the complete outline of the facial features in order to give it some color.

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Step 6 – Draw the Hair

Anime woman hair drawing

To create this hairstyle, draw the top portion of the hair, tracing your head’s shape. As the hair falls down, you can make it split into clumps of various sizes with gentle waves or curves.

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Step 7 – Clean up the Drawing

Anime woman outline drawing

After you have completed the previous steps, you can clean your drawing, and erase any guidelines, and the areas of the head that are covered by hair. Then, trace your lines to create darkening. But do not trace the lines of the shadows and highlights around the eyes. Keep the lines as light as possible so that they blend into the shade or color added in the following step.

Step 8 – Color the Drawing

Anime woman color drawing

To shade and color your character, first, fill in each part of the skin and hair with a solid shade and then add shadows that are darker. You can make the highlights, like the reflections of the eyes, lips, and hair white when drawing on paper, or draw them later when drawing digitally.

For a generic shade, darken is the area that usually tends to be far from the light source. In this scenario, the majority of the shadows are found in the following areas:

  • Tiny shadows on the lines of the eyelids
  • Shadows that fall on the upper regions of eyelids (cast through the eyelashes)
  • A small shadow is visible on either side of the face.
  • Shadows that run along with the various hair curls (generally towards the bottom)
  • The neck is a large shadow created by hair and the head

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For anime with older-looking characters, have wider faces and narrower eyes than you would draw for the younger generation. If you examine images of real people, you will notice that children tend to have larger faces and bigger eyes (in relation to their heads) as compared to adults. Since anime characters are highly stylized, this distinction could be more exaggerated.

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