10 Step Anime Man’s Face Drawing Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you ways to draw the face of a male in manga or anime style. It offers step-by-step drawings and illustrations, as well as the proper proportions to create an anime-like look for a mature male.

10 Step Anime Man’s Face Drawing Tutorial


Step-by-step drawing

Older characters from anime (especially males) generally have more defined facial features. Their faces usually have proportions that are similar to the proportions of real people.

In this scenario, we will draw a male figure that could be either in their 30s or his 40s. We’ll also be employing the proportions system that is common to draw realistic faces.

She is a strong character, so he’ll have a bulky neck as well as big trapezius muscles.

To understand the process of drawing necks, read:

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It is important to draw thin lines when drawing with pencil and paper because you’ll need to erase between each step.

Step 1 – Draw the Shape of the Head

Man head cartoon Anime

Begin your drawing by sketching the overall design that the head has. Its top should appear close to an oval in the front view, and near an oval when looking from the side. It is important to note that male characters from older anime tend to have quite large faces, in contrast to younger characters who tend to have more round faces.

In the bottom portion of the facial view, draw two lines running downwards from the top of the circle. These lines then turn towards each other and join to create the chin.


The younger characters in anime tend to have “sharp” chins but in this instance, draw a larger jawline to create appear older.

To draw a side view, you should draw the lower part of the face, minus the tiny features of the nose and mouth. It is possible to draw one line starting from the tip of the nose and down to the chin.

To draw the initial sketch, you will need to estimate the location of the nose (it will be addressed in subsequent steps).

Step 2 – Position & Draw the Eyes

Drawing of eyes of an animated man

To align the eyes, create a vertical line in the middle of your face. Then draw the eyes directly along the line.

The characters of anime usually draw their eyes lower than the horizontal halfway mark on the face. However, to draw an older man like the one shown in this tutorial, you can draw the eyes in the same way as the eyes you would draw in real people.

For front views, keep an eye-to-eye distance equal to the length of the eye’s width between them.

For a complete breakdown of drawing the eyes yourself, you can go to:

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Step 4 – Position & Draw the Eyebrows

Proportioning the face with the hairline

This can be difficult. Before drawing your eyebrows, the first thing to figure out where your hairline for the character should be (slightly downwards from at the top) and moving downwards from the hairline, divide the face into three equally proportioned parts.

Eyebrows of an animated man drawn

Make the eyebrows appear on the line closest to the hairline.


Step 4 – Position & Draw the Ears

Cartoon of man’s ears animated

Draw the ears in the middle in the third division that you have drawn from the earlier steps.

For more information about drawing ears, see:

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Step 5 – Position & Draw the Nose

Man nose cartoon drawing of an animated character

Draw the nose keeping the point just below the bottom in the middle section.

Anime noses are typically drawn using a simple line or dot. in this instance, we’ll draw a small smudge on the nostrils as well as one part of each nose.

For various styles of anime noses, see:

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Step 6 – Position & Draw the Mouth

Anime man mouth drawing

Make sure to draw the mouth with the lower lip between the lower part of the nose the chin’s bottom and the top lip just slightly above the chin.

Step 7 – Draw the Hair

Cartoon of hairstyles of an animated man

If you “combed back” hair like in this case, it will show the hairline, so you could use your “hairline” point created earlier to serve as an example.

Make small “teeth” into the hairline region of your hair to create the appearance of more natural.


For more information on the art of drawing hair for anime, see:

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Step 8 – Line Drawing

Line drawing of Anime Man

Now you are able to make your drawing tidier and eliminate any guidelines that you made in the previous steps as well as the smaller details, like wrinkles that appear around the eyebrows and the wrinkles under the eyes.

You may also revise your drawing using darker lines if you have to.

Step 9 – Apply Color

Cartoon man color drawing

Fill in every area of the drawing using the right color, beginning with the largest areas.

Make sure to leave the eyes in white if you coloring on paper. Or include them last if you are coloring digitally.

To learn how to pick the right colors for anime characters, check out:

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For step-by-step coloring instructions, refer to:

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Step 10 – Add Shading

Color shading of Anime Man

In this tutorial, we’ll apply basic shading in the areas that are commonly shaded.

In this instance, the most shaded areas are:

  • One on the neck (a drop shadow of the chin)
  • Inside the ear
  • The bottom of the nose (optionally and maybe on the opposite side also)
  • The small shadow that is below the lip’s bottom
  • Tiny shadows appear around wrinkled areas.


The characters of anime can have differing proportions, based on their age and style. The advice in this guide will help you create an anime or manga-style look for a mature male character drawn in a more serious manner.

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